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13 Things that will get you to a happier place

  1. Surround yourself with positive people —anyone that will be a good support system for you, anyone that will lift you up and not bring you down— no toxic people, only people who are truly your friends

  2. Take breaks —exercise, pamper yourself, whatever makes you feel calm and relaxed

  3. Love yourself —look at your gifts, stop focusing on what you did "wrong"

  4. Be grateful —notice what's right instead of what's wrong

  5. Keep a journal —there is tremendous power in the written word. It not only helps clarify your thoughts, but lets you see where you've been

  6. Acceptance —that where you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be. The more you resist, the harder it becomes

  7. Visualization —what you think and feel, you will attract, manifest and meditate

  8. Forgiveness —key to you moving on. Have no regrets and bitterness. Forgive yourself as well as others

  9. Set boundaries —with the ex, parents, friends and children

  10. Connect to your Higher Power —it will give you amazing strength

  11. Be true to yourself —take inventory on what you need, where you want to go and stay on that path

  12. Don't focus on what people think —Remember, no one is living your life but you. It is how YOU view your life that matters, not how others view it. Have the confidence to stand strong knowing that you are doing your best at this time

  13. Give to others —when you give your time to others, you step outside of yourself and your problems